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I came home to find one of my two cats lame on a front leg. After taking him to the vet he was diagnosed as having soft tissue damage/sprain due to a suspected bite wound. Our coverage included bite wounds but because it was only suspected and not definitive (there was no infection or bleeding) it was not covered. After paying into this for over 7 years and having a relatively minor bill of $400 I was extremely disappointed that they would not cover this under their bite wound policy. These are indoor cats that obviously can't tell you what happened so it's really frustrating. I spent over 25 minutes on hold before finally being able to find out we weren't covered. Their customer service was poor at best.

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Posted: 09/12/2009

I had a similar incident with my cat, but PetCare paid it, and I had policies with them for two years on my cat. I've now switched to PetPlan, but I thought PetCare was OK. Hopefully, they'll pay what they should in your case. In my case, they paid out only one claim, and it was for less than a year's cost for coverage.