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We have only had Embrace insurance for 5 months and we CANNOT be happier with our purchase. It has been the best investment my husband and I have made. THere are no "catches," no reasons they find for not approving when the policy seems to state it should, and the turn around time is quick on claims (especially after your first one). Also.. we picked this insurance because, after MUCH homework, we found they are one of the ONLY insurances to cover "genetic diseases" such as dysplasia. For other companies that do cover this diseases, almost all of them will only cover "one side" of the body. A dog is almost never dysplastic on just one hip, or one elbow. And sure enough... our only 14 month old high-spirited and extremely handsome yellow lab has elbow dysplasia. He is having surgery in just a few days, on both elbows at a cost of $3,000. Our total price? $300. THANK YOU EMBRACE!!!!

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