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My husband and I have been adopting older pets for many years. In April of 2007, we lost our beautiful St. Bernard, Georgie Porgie to torsion. The cost for 4 days of ICU was $10,000 cash. If we couldn't pay up front, Georgie did not get treated. (See Georgie's story and pictures at Adopt A Saint of California. Look under Successes, 2005-2006. He is number 214. He had so many homes that our adoption did not even make it on to the website.)
After the financial disaster of Georgie's death, we reviewed several pet insurance companies and chose Pets Best. We currently have 3 cats and two giant breed dogs covered by Pet's Best Insurance and couldn't be more pleased.

In August of 2007 we adopted Bubba, another wonderful St. Bernard. In December of 2007 Bubba was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Our insurance with Pet's Best allowed us to treat the Lymphoma and keep his quality of life good for almost a year. Without the insurance we could not have afforded to treat him.

Now our female Rottweiler is 11 years old. She has several chronic old age problems. Pet's Best has made it possible to provide her good care and keep her comfortable. They have paid the contract amount on all claims and have handled all inquiries with friendly and helpful customer service.

I recommend Pet's Best Insurance very, very highly!

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