dont waste your time and money

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I bought this policy after reading some of the comments here. Got the coverage and thought it was great when they paid my dog's wellness claim.
But then a week before his 'waiting' period was up my dog jumped off the deck (20" high). He didnt seem injured at first but the next day he didnt jump up on the bed or on his stool. I took him for x-rays and although they showed no signs of any injury other than a sprain his claim was denied. Apparently you have to have the vet fill out a report card and I didnt do that until he was having x-rays. Since I submitted the report card with my claim, his injury was deemed pre-existing. Not only this claim but now he also cannot have any other claims for similar injuries.

So I canceled this insurance and have purchased another company who realize that my pet isnt perfect and that I may have to actually make a claim.

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spained hind leg
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/17/2010

Seriously lady? You didn't follow their instructions, your at fault. It clearly states that if you do not fill out that card, then your dog isn't covered. I made sure to fill that out and get his ortho exam the day after I purchased the policy. You're just an idiot and pointing the blame away from yourself. Shame on you nut head.