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I would like to say we have been very impressed with the professionalism, caring and promptness of Embrace Pet Insurance. The experience has been much better than I ever expected. After our last dogs passed away we thought we would never have another dog again. But then our Sweet “Paw”Tater joined our family. Since he is an enthusiastic chocolate Labrador, and I wanted the joy of taking him out into the field as a fishing buddy, and the insistence of others to get pet insurance, we settled on Embrace. Having never purchased pet insurance and not really know what to expect, so I relied on customer reviews and the Embrace website to identify issues. So far we are very happy we choose Embrace. This last May we noticed Tater would limp after a day at the dog park. Tater was initially diagnosed with fragmented coronoid process of the ulna (a type of elbow dysplasia), but as it turned out there was an uneven growth of the ulna and the radius in both front legs which has caused pain in the elbows. A dynamic ulnar ostecotomy was performed on his left leg (the right will be performed once he can use the left again). It is actually better this was the problem, as he will have less of chance for arthritis in the future. All through the process Embraced approved the veterinarian’s cautious approach to possible treatments. While this required several steps it has saved on un-needed procedures, time recovering and ultimately will be the best for Tater. Tater says thank you Embrace.

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