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My dog, that I obtained when she was a puppy, was covered under PetCares "Qick Care Gold 70%" plan. This was one of those dogs that seemed to get sick with everything that a dog would get. PetCare paid the claims without any trouble and renewed the policy from year to year. My dog eventually contracted cancer and we maxed out the $3,000.00 limit for that illness. Again, they paid the claims to the extent that the policy allowed without any trouble. When my dog eventually died from the cancer, they paid a benefit for cremation. The only downside I found with the policy was the limits on each illness. Once you max it out, that's it for them paying for future care. There was no "fine print" saying this, I knew this when I first bought the insurance. I would recommend this Company with only one reservation. That you be willing to buy enough coverage to cover a particular illness. With the cost of Vet care today, $3,000.00 isn't enough if your dog develops a serious illness, like cancer. For me, it was the first time I bought pet insurance and in the future, will buy more coverage. If you buy their insurance, you will find that they pay timely, are easy to make a claim with, never lose paperwork and are overall, a very good pet insurer.

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