VPI Is worth a bag of dog poop. Maybe not.

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I jumped on VPI because the of cheap rate. I bought the Superior Coverage and the Full Wellness Care (including the spay/neuter option). Quickly I discover their routine list of excuses for not paying 90% – or even 80%. The wellness plan includes a max amount of $50 coverage. Okay... a big dog will run you $60+ for Advantix 6 months supply – recommended by my vet. So the wellness coverage didn't even cover a full year. When the spaying was done – and it was supposed to be covered. I was surprised to be informed that I had to pay my co-pay and they claimed I was overcharged for the service. They reimbursed $50. My vet is one of the least expensive in the area! I felt cheated by VPI. VPI never paid the amount their site and ads claim they will cover. The most insulting event was a claim for a severe ear infection. Their site says it's covered. Total bill was $90 with meds. I got yet another excuse as to why it wasn't fully covered and a check for 20 cents. YES! 20 cents. After asking around, I soon discovered from others that VPI is terrible. I believe Embrace looks to be the best – we shall see.

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Posted: 01/13/2010

Yep, been there too. I received, I believe, a cheque for 2 cents. That is correct : 2 CENTS ! The bill was $360, but they had already paid my 'chronic condition benefits' for that year, I guess. VPI : worth less than a bag of dog poop, definitely.