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One night Bacon began vomiting violently and essentially went into a coma. We took her to the emergency room and her condition got worse. It looks as if she ate a lot of rat poison (not sure how/where) and was bleeding so badly internally and had a constant stream of blood coming out of her rectum and was vomiting massive amounts as well. At that point, the doctor said her prognosis was "very poor." Over the course of yesterday, her condition remained in acute crisis mode and they said that she was close to being euthanized.
We were asked a few times if we would be able to cover the cost of nursing her back to health.
One blessing though is that we have a great health insurance plan that covers 100% of her costs. This has been crucial as the tab came up to 7500.

i called up pet plan just to be sure we were covered and they assured me that Bacon bills would be covered. Bacon is all better now it was as if it never happened! We faxed over the bill and receipt and in a couple of week we got a check minus deductible! They even called just to make sure that Bacon was all better.
The people at the Vet was amazed and i was asked numerous times what pet insurance we used!

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Posted: 02/01/2010

PetPlan is the best pet insurer out there. I never have to worry if I'll be able to afford vet bills anymore for my cat. I'm so glad Bacon is doing well again!! =D