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I have never had health insurance for my pets before. A few years ago my Frisbee had a torn cruciate ligament, needed surgery and I was completely broke at that time. $2,500 was way out of my league financially, but I managed through an online website to raise enough donations to pay for the surgery. After that, I knew I needed insurance for my dogs so I would not have to go through that again. I researched many insurance companies and they all pretty much said the same thing, there were breed specific exclusions and things like that that did not make much sense to me. Then I found Embrace with no exclusions except routine care. That made sense to me and I bought it. Almost two years later Frisbee came down with cancer and Embrace has been behind me all the way. They reimburse payments within 15 days as they said they would and it is even automatically deposited into my checking account. Through this tough time Embrace and their representatives have been wonderful. I highly recommend Embrace to everyone who asks and lately that has been many people because of all the quality care I have been getting for Frisbee everyone wants to know how I am paying for it, since I am on disability and all. I am glad I did not cancel my policies last summer when I was trimming down my budget, this was the next thing to go and I kept it. Thank God and thank Embrace and thier representatives.

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