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I have VPI for my two dogs: Sanatana - a Rotweiller, Sheppard, Lab mix and Charlie - a Maltese. I have submitted claims for both and have been very pleased with my reimbursements. Recently, Santana had ACL surgury and my bill was about $1,290 and I received a check for $1,200. My claim was processed quickly and I received my check within a couple of weeks. Several years ago Charlie had a liver problem that doctors were unable to diagnose. I had over $8,000 in doctor bills before they could find the answer. VPI paid for over half which was in line with their list of proceedures and associated reimbur sements. Unfortunately I had to have many of the same testing proceedures over and over again before they could come up with a diagnosis and I exceeded the amount available for the proceedure. My reason for purchasing this insurance was to cover extraordinary situations and reduce my costs as much as possible for that type of care. I have been very pleased and would recommend this insurance to anyone with a pet.

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