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We have had pets all of our lives and never considered pet insurance until about a year ago. We decided to get involved in the local Dachshund rescue and saw all the problems that these dogs can acquire. Well, we have 2 Dachshunds of our own and decided we had better be safe than sorry. We have been with PetFirst for a year now and have submitted 2 rountine care claims and 2 illness claims to them. They pay what they say they will pay so, we are very happy about that. They do take about 4 weeks to reimburse you, however. You have to mail in the claim forms with the receipts from the Vet and this adds to the delay of getting the refund. we feel that if they had a fax number to send in the forms this would expedite the process a bit. Overall we feel that this insurance has been a good idea. Although none of our claims have been for very much money, we feel that this insurance could be a life saver if something serious ever happens to our precious pups.....just wish it didn't take so long to get reimbursed.

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Posted: 04/28/2009

You can have your veterinarian fax in your claim, you just can't yourself. The fax number is 877-281-3348.