Covered expensive treatment for our new puppy

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The day after we brought our Puggle home I took him to our local vet and got a "healthy pup" report. They suggested we take the free trial offered by VetInsurance so I did. 3 days later our puppy had to be taken to the vet hospital and our worst nightmare began. He had Parvovirus and required urgent and extremely costly treatment. With two little boys looking at us with tears in their eyes we told the vet to go ahead and try to save him. I had forgotten about the trial policy and when I remembered I thought there must be some loophole and we would not be covered. On the contrary, the local rep for VetInsurance checked on the status of our policy and called us personally to assure us we were indeed covered. Less than two weeks later we received a cheque from vetInsurance for almost all of the over $4000 we spent on treatment. Happily our puppy survived and is a healthy and energetic member of the family. We highly recommend VetInsurance (Trupanion) to anyone who has a pet.

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Posted: 03/26/2009

My understanding is that if you can prevent an illness with vaccination then Vetinsurance would not cover it.

Posted: 04/02/2009

Heather - I was told this is only if the vaccinations are not up to date.

Posted: 04/10/2009

Heather, you're correct - we would not cover anything that could have been through routine care/vaccinations/etc. However, if your pet is completely up to date on vaccinations according to your veterinarian's recommendations, and he/she gets sick anyway, then they would be covered. Sometimes there are medical glitches and we want to make sure that responsible pet owners are covered!

Posted: 05/26/2009

I have Vetinsurance for my 2 cats and I was not aware that there was any free tial periods. I will have to look into this, so I can add this to my recommendations of Vetinsurance to my friends and family. I think that offering a free trial period is a great way of gaining new clients.