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I took out a policy from VPI.......Veterinary Pet Insurance, on my then 16 month old rescued Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He was diagnosed at 6 with a stage three Mast Cell Tumor and had a guarded prognosis. When I began submitting claims to VPI, they requested my vet's records....a usual practice with insurance companies. My vet had noted in his records that there was an infected hair follicle on my dog's side that I had sought treatment for when my dog was around two-three years old. VPI refused to pay my claims and terminated my coverage stating that the mast cell tumor was a "pre-existing condition" despite letters from my vet and oncologist. Left untreated, a dog with a grade three Mast Cell Tumor has a life expectancy of 9-12 months. Thankfully, with chemo , diet and suppliments, my dog was in remission for close to three years . He succumbed at age 9 after a recurrence of the disease. Additionally, after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, a search and rescue Golden Retriever was denied payments for treatment of lung and breathing problems that he incurred while on duty also while being insured with VPI. It wasn't until a local NYC news reporter ,Arnold Diaz , shamed VPI publicly on the air did they agree to pay. The dog passed away shortly after. I insured my puppy Chessi with AKC Pet healthcare and they have been wonderful.

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