So Glad My Dog is Insured by VPI!

Out of 10

I am so impressed with the service and benefits I receive from VPI. I cannot understand why anyone would have their pet go uninsured. VPI really does seem to genuinely care about your pet. Their communication via email and postal mail keeping you updated on claim status is impressive. The processing time is quick. Their assistance on phone inquiries is very personalized. I had been lax about getting claims in, only to one day realize that it had been three years and I had not done a thing about it. I had called to see if it was too late to submit them and they said it was not a problem. I was amazed at how well they paid on those claims. There were a few instances where they said they provided benefits on a claim as best as they could based on the information provided so I called and they told me exactly what I needed to get from my vet and they would be happy to review the claim again and see if they could reimburse additional costs to me. When our first dog passed on, their sensitivity to that was really remarkable. I only wish my own "human" health care benefits and customer service were even half as good as the quality of VPI.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Australian Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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