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Sadly after a short while on taking out PC pet insurance, our little cat became sick. He's still going after 6 months thatnks to the vet and medication.However PC run an agressive risk management system, as they call it! What it actually is, is a wriggling out clause.
After 6 months they reviewed our claims and said that our claim rate was too high! We had not come even close to the maximum it has to be said. What they did was reduce our co-insurance to 50% instead of 80%, but we still have to pay the same premium.
When I wrote and complianed, some young girl phoned me and said it was because our claims were higher thatn what we had paid in!!!!! Isn't that the point of insurance. If we looked at it that way we might as well not have any insurance at all.
On the plus side, their agents are very pleasant on the telephone. However, their insurance stinks!

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Diabetes and Cardiac problems
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 01/01/2011

Thanks for the review, but I dislike your disparaging usage of "young girl". I didn't realize that being young and female makes us any less effective at our jobs. Maybe tone down the sexism and ageism.

Posted: 02/18/2011

I agree with AJF's comment above.