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We have two french bulldogs. When we got insurance for our first dog, we weren't even thinking about emergencies, we were thinking more about the cost of a potential palette surgery that is very common to this breed. When our first pup, Joba, was 1 year old, he came down with a horrible case of heatstroke, due to an unusually hot day here in San Francisco. The vets did not think that he would make it through the night, and were not sure if he did survive, if there would be any brain damage. It was one of the most horrible few days in me and my husband's lives. When the doctor talked to us on that first night, and said we had to have a conversation about cost, we didn't even bat an eye - we said do whatever you need to do, don't worry about the cost. After several thousand dollars in bills, and three days in the hospital, Joba pulled through, and you would never even know anything happened to him. Pet Plan paid us the full amount, less our deductible, in 3 weeks time. We were shocked at the ease of submitting the claim and the spped in which the claim was paid.
We got our second pup, Bowie, in February 2010, and signed him up for pet plan immediately. He ended up hacing a GI issue, and we had to take him to the ER twice. Pet plan paid the claim again in about 3 weeks time. In May 2010, he caught a case of kennel cough which quickly developed into a severe case of pneumonia. He was in the hospital for 4 days, and the bills quickly added up to nearly $6,000.00. M

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heatstroke and pneumonia
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French Bulldog

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