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I got home from my summer vacation & noticed my furry friend ,Casey, was not himself. Maybeit was because he was upset because my Mom & I were gone for a few days. A couple of days
later I noticed blood on the floor near his litter box. Long story short, my Casey had a
blockage in his urinary system. Being in healthcare, I know this can be not a good thing in
people & deadly in felines. It also can be very costly. I've had ASPCA Health Insurance for
a few years on "My Boy" and never really used it. Casey was 4 at the time. He needed
surgery to remove the blockage and stay at the Vet's for a couple of days. My Mom (83 yrs
old) & I were so devastated at the fact that Casey was going to have to go thru this and
potentially not have it work. But it was going to cost about $2000. Needless to say ASPCA
covered 80% of all his hospital expenses plus follow up visits. I have the Advantage plan
which costs about $30. Oh my goodness what a lifesaver to Mom, myself but most of all our
When I tell people I have Pet Insurance, they at first think I am crazy. Then when I tell
them about Casey surgery and all that happened, they think about it. Casey, my 20 lb Main
Coon baby, is doing well. He is on a presciption diet to help him with his Urinary Tract. I
am so glad I have this insurance and am thinking of adding on Continuing Care when My
Friend gets older and may need extra care.
Thank you so much ASPCA for making it easier for us animal lovers to take care of the
Pets that we love.
Also submitting a claim is so easy,

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