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We have had VPI since our Porty was a pup. VPI is the worst isurance company I ever had to deal with. Our dog had surgery for a cyst on his back and they only paid a small percentage of the bill. A year later he had a fatty tumor that cost us close to $2000.00 for a complicated surgery and VPI only paid about $200 in total! Unbelievable! We went into dispute with them on the bill and it took them 2 months to get back to us to ask for a letter from the Vet. Our Vet immediately sent the letter and then it takes several phone calls and 3 more months of being jerked around to find out they want more paper work! We then sent in everything in his files and after waiting 5 months to clear this up they deny us any more money!!!! $200.00 on a $2,000.00 surgery!!! Disgusting!!! Don't get burned like us and PLEASE LET YOUR VET'S KNOW HOW POORLY THEY ABUSE THE CUSTOMER. THEY NEED TO KNOW!!!

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