Requires 30% copay on referral vets/specialists

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I was so excited to enroll with PetPlan, after all my research and talking with other companies, I felt Petplan was the best choice. Imagine my disappointment when I received my policy and found out that any specialists or referrals to other vets have automatic 30% copay, no matter what your policy. The policy also states that Petplan may cancel your policy at any time. I was very disappointed once I received the contract versus what I read on their site and what I was told by their customer service. I felt it was very deceptive advertisting on their part. I cannot say whether I recommend or not at this time, I will just say "subscribe with caution."

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Posted: 05/08/2009

I agree, the co-pay is not well disclosed on the web site, prior to purchase. Have to click on a hyper link for co-pay from what I recall, as if a person doesn't understand the word co-pay. Made me mad when I read it in the policy.
Still, and perhaps the sad part, it seems the best policy for dog insurance.

My recollection is an emergency vet does not incur the co-pay if the situation is life threatening.

Posted: 05/22/2009

Please look more carefully at the wording of the policy (I am quoting from New York State terms):
>>Your pet is treated at a specialized referral veterinary facility (except if treated by your primary veterinarian at this facility).<<

They are asking for a co-payment based on the nature of the facility not a "specialist" per se. For instance if your regular vet doesn't do acupuncture at her clinic she can refer you to another *general practice* facility where there is an acupuncturist available.

When my cocker had incurable IBD my regular vet referred me to a specialty facility so we could consult with a board certified internist (which nobody at my regular vet is). Her fee of $150 would incur a co-payment with Petplan. However when she recommended an expensive endoscopy she did not require us to do it at her *facility.* My regular vet brings a board certified internist to conduct ultrasounds so that cost would be paid without an extra co-payment.

Petplan makes the owner work a bit more to get the most out of the policy but it is fair.

Posted: 07/30/2009

I agree that I tried to read carefully, and it's certainly not well disclosed until you receive the actual contract. So does e-vet get co-pay or not?