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I've had VPI for 12 years when both my shelties were just puppies. During that time one sheltie became ill with Cushings. VPI was quick to reimburse. Then about 6 months ago my other sheltie was diagnosed with liver cancer and passed away 3 weeks later at the age of 12. VPI was a little slow to reimburse. I notified VPI that my dog had passed away and received nothing from them. You would think they would send a condolence as my vet and emergency care facility did. My surviving sheltie with Cushings must have monthly medication which VPI has always been quick to reimburse until lately. All of a sudden I'm getting my claims kicked back wanting more information. They've had the same information for the past 4 years on her medication. When I called they told me they just needed the veterinarian script for their records. I asked if they call my vet and have it faxed to them. They would not do it. I was flabbergasted to say the least and so was my vet. I might be looking into another insurance company however I'm concerned since my sheltie is 12 years old and has a chronic condition.

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