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I love VPI. My family signed up our two 10-year-old airedales as a precaution over two years ago. We wanted to make it as easy on ourselves financially as possible as our "girls" got older. One week after signing up Katie and Tina, Tina developed a chronic problem with polyps that required biopsies, treatment and now daily medication to prevent recurrence. Tina now is approaching 13 with no sign of polyps but she does have arthritus and a ruptured ACL. Through all of these illnesses, we have had the comfort of knowing we could choose what was best for Tina because VPI would provide some coverage of the cost. The same with our other airedale, Katie, who passed in January. Having VPI coverage on Katie made it easy to provide her with the best veterinary testing and care in her final days. I definitely will sign up any future pets, especially senior dogs, with VPI.

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