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Our golden retriever, Murphy started to limp and I noticed his right front outer toe was swollen and his limp was getting worse by the next day so I made an appointment with the vet. They had to sedate him to take an x ray of his paw but the x ray ruled out a break or fracture of any kind. They could not feel an abscess, so figured it may have been something like a sting or bite and he was having a reaction to it. They eventually placed him on steroid tablets for a few days and some benadryl capsules. Eventually, he did get better and it took a couple of weeks for the limping to totally stop but he is back to his old self again. I am so thankful for pet insurance, because we are on a retired income and he is the first dog I have ever had insured. So glad I made that decision! My total bill was 423.00 and my insurance paid 224.00 of that. What a help!

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