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This letter is long overdue. I chose Vetinsurance early on when Savannah was still a puppy. The primary reason I went with this company was because I liked the idea of getting the full $12000 coverage ($20000 now) to spend as I needed as opposed to being limited (eg $2000 for ears, $2000 for eyes etc.) Unfortunately Savannah (my Golden Retriever) was diagnosed with lymphoma this past May and we had to begin chemotherapy treatments. At this extremely difficult time I was blessed with the reassurance that I had insurance that I knew would cover whatever treatment was prescribed. First we had chemo treatments every week at a cost of $350 US and after 2 months of remission, she had a relapse. Her second protocol was prescribed and we began those treatments every three weeks at about the same expense as above. When that treatment failed we went to a third protocal - 5 chemo pills which cost me $850 Cdn plus $450 US in vet fees. If this protocol works, I will need to repeat this expense every 3 weeks. You can see the financial strain that this diagnosis would put on a family. I had never once had to consider whether or not to go ahead with treatment. Vetinsurance has been a far better insurance provider than my family's personal insurance company. With Vetinsurance I fax/email my claim and I hear back from them on the very next working day that my claim has been approved and that the cheque has been processed. Talk about efficiency!!! I am still fighting for a cheque from my insurance company for my son's braces dating back to May '08 - give me a break. Not only am I pleased with the efficiency with which they handle my claim, I also am grateful for the caring people who have handled my calls through all of this. They have been patient with me through the tears and have been encouraging and sympathetic. I don't know if I will have another dog after this one. She could never be replaced and I feel cheated that I've only had her for 4 years. Regardless, if the day ever comes that I do have to decide on whether or not to purchase a puppy I know I won't have to decide on which insurance company to go with from the very start. I could not be happier with Vetinsurance. PS The only reason I rated it a 9/10 is because I wish that hip dyplasia would have been insurable. I did however know that it wasn't covered prior to purchasing the insurance.

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