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I've been a member for a number of years. I got PetsBest on the recommendation of a friend's sister who is a dermatologist vet who I was considering taking my cat to when she had some skin issues. She recommended PetsBest because of their coverage for specialists. I ended up participating in a trial with her so didn't use PetsBest with her but it has definitely paid off over the years as my cats have gotten older and suffered various (expensive) illnesses such as triaditis (inflamed liver, bowel and pancreas), skin cancer, various UTIs and thyroid issues (including quite a few trips to the emergency vet). Each time PetsBest has paid the maximum 80% and clearly explained the costs including the deductable, which is per issue so if there are multiple claims for the same thing, you aren't paying the deductable each time.
When I've had to call they've been helpful and courteous and genuinely seem to care about making sure I have the right plan and all the information I need. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good pet insurance policy.

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Skin problem




Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Mediumhair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 07/19/2010

Why not give them 10/10 if you are so happy?