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My loving cat Mikey had to be euthanized in 2007 at the age of 8, and it broke my heart that we couldn't do more for him. Our vet bills totaled over $5000 and I am still paying it off 3 years later. I vowed that if we ever decided to adopt more adorable furballs, that we'd look at pet insurance. So when we adopted 2 brothers at 16 weeks old (named Merry and Pippin, you Lord of the Rings fans will know where those names came from!) I researched many insurance programs. I knew I wanted one that paid based on the actual vet charges and not on some outdated and low-cost schedule. The company would also have to be technologically advanced, because to me that means they are putting time and profits into bettering their services. I was also impressed that Pets Best was underwritten by Aetna. So we purchased Policies for our 2 orange tabby brothers. It has been a godsend. Pippin at age 3 had a suspicious lump on his belly that had to be removed and sent for pathology. This happened about 6 weeks ago. We recouped enough from that one procedure to pay 3 months of the insurance cost! The lump was a mast cell tumor and was almost certainly benign based on the lab results. But 3 weeks later another lump showed up and we had that one removed. I was so glad to learn that we did not have to pay our deductible again! Now just last week we have found more bumps on his back. I am taking him to the vet Wednesday and praying it's not the same thing, and that it's not malignant. I am very scared

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Domestic Mediumhair

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1 - 8

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