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This is the 2nd pet insurer we have used - the first one had some restrictive procedure reimbursement limits and they wound up reducing the benefit on every claim I submitted. After we found out they would consider a disease that popped up during the policy year as a "preexisting condition" for the next policy year, I dropped them. I've been with Pet's Best about 20 months - they are reasonable and have honored every claim I've submitted. I got insurance because I didn't want to have to make a decision surrenering our pets health or lives because we couldn't afford the tests / treatments necessary. Vet bills have become unbelievably expensive (diagnostic procedures and care is better though too). Without insurance, we just wouldn't be able to afford it. Every time I call I get attentive and polite people - very easy to submit claims (all on line now if you want) - I even got reimbursed before my credit card payment came due! Pet insurance isn't "cheap" but it's been worth it for us with our 3 dog family.

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