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Also known as Trupanion. This insurance company was recommended to me and I am extremely satisfied with my choice. I enrolled my 5 pets last summer. One of my cats got sick in mid March and we entered 5 weeks of constant vet visits, procedures etc. to try to determine what was wrong. Vetinsurance opened each claim received within a day or two and would email me to let me know they'd received it. They would then process the claim and the money would be on its way. They were fantastic. No questions asked-they kept processing claim after claim. There is no cap per illness - just a lifetime cap of $20,000.00 per animal. We came close to using the entire amount with our cat and unfortunately, she had to be euthanized as she ended up having lymphoma that spread to her Central Nervous System. We were able to do as much as we could to try to save her because we had insurance. We have also submitted claims for one of our other cats who took ill and had to undergo x-rays, a scope and an ultrasound. She had pheumonia and had to get puffers. Once again, the claims were processed ASAP and with no bother. I will never own a pet again without having insurance and I will always choose this company. I can't recommend them highly enough.

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