Bad Customer Service

Out of 10

I bought this insurance years ago. I wanted to try out the idea of pet insurance since someone suggested it. They went with ASPCA so I decided to go with it too. I soon found out that their customer service was horrible. I called on the phone waiting to get a rep on the line and I'd wait a LONG time on the phone before someone would finally get to it. I believe it was more than 15 minutes and even longer on the second trial. This happened twice so I decided I'd better not go with this insurance company and decided to cancel it having it less than 1 month. They did not refund me my amount they took. They billed me for the whole month even though I had the insurance less than 1 month. I talked to them and they said this was the way it worked. Point being was I felt like this company was greedy and didn't think the about customers and their pets.

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Claim Amount
Under $100


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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