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My 8-month old Ridgeback puppy got his tail slammed very hard in the front door (the wind funnels through our apartment and makes the door slam with extreme force). It was easter night, so it was off the the emergency vet we went. $300 later, we were sent home with a bandaged tail, a very traumatized dog and owner, and directions that he will have to have his tail partially amputated. The whole experience has been absolutely awful, but the ONLY bright spot has been Petplan. The emergency vet didn't send them the proper documents, so that set us back a few days, but once Petplan received all that they needed, the instantly cut us a check. I have called them several times during this past week and each time they have answered on the first few rings, and have been an absolute pleasure to talk to. Extremely helpful, very friendly and sincerely worried about my puppy. I only wish my vet experience had been as nice. And my next question: Why can't human insurance be this great?

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Tail slammed in door
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Age of Pet
Under a year

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