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Well I've been paying this company for a long time amounting to a lot of money and my first major claim amounting to $2,000 got me a payment of less than $800, not a lot more than 1/3 the claim. The explanation is their schedule of benefits, a very lengthy schedule that sets the amount they will pay for a particular condition. Of course a layman would have a hard time knowing how close their "schedule" comes to real charges, so I like most have assumed it would be in the ballpark, how would I know differently? They refuse to use the words "usual and customary" but say that their schedule "is based upon a national survey." Whatever, I checked around and my vet charged less than what another insurance company said the usual fee would be, yet their schedule is 1/2 what the other company said the usual fee would be. I am considering switching to another company after this out for that schedule of benefits issue, it's a doozy.

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bladder stones
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Miniature Schnauzer

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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