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After loosing our first choc.lab at the age of 10 and being left with very hefty bills, we decided that with our next pet-we would buy pet insurance! After many long nights researching and reading all of the fine print, I decided to go with PetPlan for our new puppy, Brody. My brother's golden retriever was insured thru them and they had submitted many claims and seemed to have very good luck! Plus I liked the way Petplan covered whatever your vet charged (minus your deductable and coinsurance) and not what was "reasonable and customary" as many of the other insurers do! Our very first claim was submitted when Brody was only 6 months old and it was for surgery on both front legs for elbow dysplasia. We filled out the claim forms as directed to, faxed them in along with copies of the bills and sure enough within a few wks I was holding a ck for $2,000.00 A few weeks later we had to submit another claim for the post op follow up! Six months later we were submitting another hefty claim because our puppy was now limping from one of his back legs. Next thing we know he was having surgery again, only this time it was for patella luxation! Once again a few weeks after this surgery I was holding a ck for $1700 for the surgery, then another ck for $500 for pre op visits and xrays!! Currently Brody is taking 3 different medications in order to manage his conditions and after meeting deductable and coinsurance requirements we get 100% reimbursement!! I could continue to go on and

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Bilateral elbow dysplasia & hip dysplasia, and luxating patella
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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