Barking up the wrong tree

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I am new at this as I've had my little Cockapoo for only about a year now. I have been spending a lot of money at the vet's but not as much as you, so far How much per month would be a good deal for me out here in Fremont, CA. This is out of context at bit but its really starting to bother me, and get me in trouble. Other tenants at my apartment complex are actually scared of my doggie!! A cute little, fluffy, sweet puppy, and this huge (Indian) lady became immediately crazy. I mean 5150 all the way. I couldn't get my dog to come to me but he was also freaked out about this lady screaming at the top of her lungs. I had to laugh cuz the scene was humorous. A little 10-15 pound Poodle holding a W 3 to 400lb lady! So how do I stop my doggie from barking at all passing people? I get so frustrated, he picks up on that and keeps barking.

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Under a year

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