Embrace pet insurance gives me peace of mind.

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Over the years I have adopted animals, one at a time, who have been abused, neglected, injured and/or ill. Since they were not well, insurances I investigated would not provide benefits for their pre-existing conditions. While I wouldn't trade the love we shared for anything, veterinary care was very costly. I love my veterinary group because of the wonderful love and high level of care they give. When my little Eliza Dolittle went over the Rainbow Bridge last June, I mourned a bit, brought her little ashes home and then contacted my local shelter. Two weeks later a little kitten was found wandering city streets. Two weeks after that Cleopatra arrived at home. At the preliminary check up, my vet said, "She's a keeper! We won't throw her back!" And Cleo and I danced our first dance together. Staff was laughing with me as I sang, "I can buy insurance, I can buy insurance!" I asked which insurance is best. 'Course they couldn't say, but said many clients had the purple flyer insurace. Twenty-four hours later, so did we! Cleo went back a month later for her second well-kitty visit and I had a pre-printed form and I handed it to the receptionist and we laughed and danced for the help insurance provided me so I could help another lost animal. The vet submitted the form and right away I had an acknowledgement by email from Embrace, then claim status emails, then a check! The whole process took about 2 weeks.I was young and now I'm old. I earned a healthy salary, and now (like many

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Well-kitty check up and shots
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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