A grateful Pet Mom

Out of 10

I have 4 cats and 1 dog. All are covered with VPI's Superior Plan with double cancer coverage. I want to share Lucy's story with you: Lucy is one of my feline friends and is 13 yrs old. Three years ago she had radiation therapy for hyperthyroidism. VPI processed her claim quickly and efficiently. Two weeks ago, I brought Lucy to emergency at the U of Mn. In a matter or hrs we had a bill that was over $3000. She had surgery for an obstruction and biopsies were done. We learned a few days later that she has a treatable cancer of the stomach. I can't tell you what a relief it is to know that VPI and I will share the costs of her expensive care. It is something that I am so grateful for. The customer service people are caring, thoughtful folks and truly interested in the care of our animal companions. VPI is a "10" in my eyes. Thank you so much VPI, for your caring attitude and prompt payment of claims.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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