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I am an 8 year customer of VPI and have had an overall positive experience with them. I have referred friends and colleagues to VPI. Claims are processed quickly and in times of stress we have had a lot of help from claim agents that we appreciated. For example, we had a $6000 claim that the vet did not document properly preventing a pay out, and the VPI claims rep worked with the vet to get the documentation so they could reimburse us. As our dog had just died a pretty horrible death from stage four lung cancer (less than a month from symptoms to death), we were not in the best place to negotiate these details ourselves. Of course VPI could always lower premiums and cover more services, especially non-traditional treatments like supplements in lieu of meds, and chiropractic in lieu of surgery, but overall they are fair and prompt. Perhaps VPI could help the folks in Washington set up the new, desperately needed and long overdue, human national healthcare system, as well as help the human insurance conglomerates learn how to process a claim in a fair and no nonsense manner. I often feel guilty that my dogs have better insurance that is easier to make claims on than most people in this country do--that's a real tragedy in my mind. If you opt for VPI, you will not be disappointed, especially if you have a young pet that does stupid things in the learning process (like eat rocks), or pet that lives a long time and develops the kinds of health issues that can b

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Over $1000


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Over 8 years

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