The Best Pet Insurance of ALL that are available!

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Ok -
I'm going to make this real simple for everyone. I researched the heck of out every company that was available and came to one conclusion - PETS BEST is the BEST for the consumer.

They are the ONLY ones who offer 80 percent of the Vet's bill without any hesitation.

I live in Fairfield County, Connecticut - The Richest County in the United States.

Here is an example I want you to follow:

You are in FFLD County - An x-ray costs 250.00. Everywhere else in the US is SO much cheaper.

ANY OTHER insurance CO. will say "Well, you were charged 250.00, however, we feel that it's only worth 100.00. So they will pay 80 percent, minus the deductable. WHAT A WASTE.

PETS BEST however, will not question ANY charges the Vet makes and minus your 100 deductable, they will pay 80 percent. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

SO if you want the best service, prompt responses and quick refund check, go with these guys.

Compassionate, Honest and Caring.

I finally had to submit a claim recently because my dog was sick. They never blinked an eye on all hefty "Fairfield County, Connecticut" charges that were incurred.


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