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Let me start out by telling you a little bit about her; Grace is a 6 year old Pekingese I have had her since she was a puppy and she has always been really healthy - nonetheless I have kept up with her health insurance almost canceling it a couple of times and always reassuring myself that she needed it. Anyway a few months ago I started to notice that she was just not acting right, she would yelp when I picked her up she was walking funny so I brought her to the vet. There she was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease which is very common in dogs of her breed. They tried to handle it medically, but she soon become partially paralyzed because of the pressure of her bulging disc on her spinal cord. We then went to see a specialist which told me she need surgery but would only have a 15% chance of ever walking again. Grace underwent surgery and was completely paralyzed afterward - I had to catheterize her at home to allow her to urinate and she was on more medications than I can think of think 12 at the peak. After a few weeks I started physical therapy with her and ever since she has been making improvements everyday. She can now walk - although she will never walk normally she can function as she did before - jump in and out of her bed and go outside and enjoy life. I believe that VPI had a huge part in her success - my total cost totaled approx $2500 and I was reimbursed close to $2000. I was a godsend to not have the financial aspect of her care looming over my head, because of that I could focus on what was medically best for her rather that what the best I could afford was. VPI even reimbursed me for he physical therapy. I hear people that have bad things to say about VPI and I always tell them Gracie's story and the fact that I may have had to make the decision to put her to sleep if I didn't have VPI to back me up. Now she lives a great life with no pain and has the ability to walk again. I know not all stories have such a great outcome, but even if my story wasn't so happy I still would have been reimbursed for her treatment. Thank you for your interest in her recovery and thank you for providing such good care for your customers.

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