Bait & Switch

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I wanted a policy that would only kick in for major expenses, with high co-pays and deductibles resulting in low premiums. I also wanted continuing care coverage, so that chronic ailments wouldn't become uncovered pre-existing conditions at policy renewal time, as is usually the case with pet health insurance. Embrace promotes their continued care rider and seemed to fit my needs, so I bought a policy for my two cats. Later, when I carefully read the fine print (like I should've done up front) it became clear that their cintinuing care coverage was substantially less after the policy year when the condition developed. Worse, at the end of the first policy year they wanted a 43% premium increase to renew! Yes, a forty-three percent premium increase after the first year! It was like bait and switch: they suck you in with what seems to be good long-term coverage at an excellent price, then once they're got you as a customer, they jack up the rates so high that they're not even competitive. Needless to say, I didn't renew! I rated them as a "6" because they didn't actually steal my money and they didn't refuse to pay any claims (I didn't submit any) but I really felt ripped off regardless.

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