Horrible experience with VPI Pet Insurance

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We bought VPI pet insurance over 2 years ago when we first got our Black Lab puppy. We got the highest plan, the superior plan and got the extra wellness plan. We have only made one claim over the two years for a routine checkup and they only covered $25 of the $150 worth of puppy shots and medicine I kinda brushed it off and didnt really think about it again. Last month our dog ingested some pieces of a nylabone and started not being able to go to the bathroom and we had to take him to an emergency clinic. The exact scenario we bought pet insurance for. We also specifically asked about covering foreign bodies because he is a lab and they tend to get into things they aren't supposed to when we bought the coverage. We were told it was covered. Our vet bill was $1,500 but I wasn't too worried because we had the insurance and boy was I in for a surprise! Originally they paid us $250!!!! I called and complained and they reviewed it and gave me an additional $140, so we were only paid $400!!! I had to put it in on my credit card, thinking I would get paid back and now I don't know if I am going to be able to buy a house because I have this charge on my card and they could have cared less when I told them. I canceled my service immendiently!! I am going to put money into a savings account from now on instead of putting it into their pockets. I am sickened by the $1,000's of dollars I have already given them with poor customer service in return!

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Posted: 04/09/2010

Perhaps this person didn't review their policy very well, in addition perhaps the clinic they took their dog to didn't exlain or word the condition properly. I just checked my schedule from 2007 and and disagree with this ex-policyholder.