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Well it took me more than 20 days from the first email with all my claim info. I've called about five time and on the supposedly final day (day 15), they've basically denied receiving the relevant claims and kept on asking me to send in additional info; however, at this time they should have already made payment as their online website promised (10-15 day turn around time from date of claim). When I talked to customer service demanding an explanation for the delay, they initially denied ever receiving some of the claim info and the file was marked incomplete and would take another 15 days to reprocess if I send it in now. Then after I told customer service woman when the claim was sent and pointing out to the specify time it was sent, she realized they did receive the claim after all. At this point, I was pretty upset so she could not wait to get off the phone and promised to expedite things. She promised to email me to confirm this conversation and have a turn around time of an additional three days. So when I did receive the email, I was upset that it was a typical forum letter suggesting that I did not send enough info and it was going to be another 15 days to re-review my claim. Finally, I called back again (5th time is the charm) and spoke with management, who was a lot more helpful and immediately process my claim. So here is what to expect: 1. they run a honest business, because I did get my reimbursements; however 2. they are in no rush to give it to you. Do n

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Under $100

Mixed Breed

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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