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I first got VPI after my first dog began having seizures and I realized just how expensive emergency vet bills were. When I got a new puppy I signed her up right away. A week before she was scheduled to be fixed (which was covered by VPI)a friend dropped her and broke her tibia and fibula. I took her to the emergency vet and was given a quote of at least $1000 just to treat her for the first day. She ended up needing 5 surgeries to put pins and wires in her leg and cost me about $4000 total (my vet really liked me so they cut as many costs as they could). In the end VPI reimbursed about half of my costs. Would I have liked to have gotten more money? YES! With that said, I have looked at other insurances who will reimburse higher and realized that their monthly fees are much higher. I can comfortably pay my monthly fees with VPI and am glad to know that they will be there when I need them. I am grateful to VPI, without them I would have had to consider putting down my beautiful best friend instead of telling the vet to do whatever necessary.

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