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This plan seems like a great plan at first, I chose the Advantage plan, which covers spay and neuter which can be so expensive and you get routine coverage as well as accident. However, once I submitted my claim for reimbursement, I was surprised at how LOW my reimbursement was compaired to my vet bill!! Granted, I took into a account the deductable, however they only reimbursed me for 80% of what THEY consider to be "reasonable costs" (basically they take the average of what the vets are charging in your area, and that includes cheaper places like shelters and such, so if you choose to go to a more expensive vet, that is a disadvantage for you). Also, I'm unhappy with the customer service, which once I got through was good, but anytime I chose the option to check up on my claim, it took literally 30 min. before someone would answer! Then when I chose the option to open a new plan, my wait time was (conveniently) only 5 min.I wouldn't recommend this insurance, too many loop holes.

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