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I purchsed VPI for my golden retriever when I noticed him beginning to have problems with his back knee around the age of 1. After i purchased the insurance, i took my dog into the vet and they didn't find anything seriously wrong with dog. however, it got worse over time and i was told he would knee surgery. being that i didn't have the insurance for a full year yet, we had to hold off on the surgery and my dog was on some pills for the inflammation to help him until his surgery. after that initial year was up, he had a successful surgery and about 80% of it was reimbursed. i was just out of college and would not have been able to afford such a surgery, but thanks to VPI, i could. about a year later he ended up having surgery on his other knee and VPI reimbursed me again the same way they did on the first one. i was very pleased with VPI and will remain with them as long as i have pets. every time i have to submit a claim, they always respond quickly and the customer service is prompt and informative. and thanks to them, my dog is back to chasing squirrels and rabbits and is back to his normal, pain-free self.

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Skin problem


knee surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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