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My dog, Buster, suffered from a liquified disc rupture. I gave him a bath and put him down - one second he was shaking off the water and the next second he yelped out in pain and couldn't use his hind legs. I rushed him to the emergency room where he stayed there for 3 days while the neurologist managed his pain and evaluated him. He still could stand (barely) but he couldn't walk and was in immense pain. The neurologist recommended we do an MRI to determine if he needed back surgery. The MRI showed that he didn't need surgery since it was a liquified disc rupture and we were able to talk him home the next day. We have limited his activity and am so happy to say that he is doing much better. We've started him on a physical therapy program with acupuncture. The entire time we were going through this, we never once had to worry about how much all of it was going to cost - we were able to make decisions based solely on what was best for Buster because we had Petplan. As soon as I got back from the emergency room, I sent in my invoice. Within 2 weeks, I got the reimbursement check in the mail. The physical therapy was paid immediately as well. I have not stopped telling my friends with pets to sign up as soon as they can for Petplan. I hope that they take my advice. This was the best decision that I could have ever made to ensure that my dog would get the best treatment possible.

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Liquified Disc Rupture
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