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I have been with Pets Best coming up on 4 years. I have seven pets insured. Pets Best has definitely paid many times over for itself. I hear people say why not take the monthly fee (all of $30 or so) and save it for health care. Well that won't make a dent for a long-term illness that can cost thousands over the years. My cat Bandit has diabetes and Pets Best has already paid thousands on his illness. My dog Sadie had three MRI studies totaling about $3400, and we got 80% refunded to us within 10 days with direct deposit. There is not way I could have saved that kind of money in the bank, so I had to put it on my credit card and thank god we could pay it off with the insurance coverage.
Some companies, as another reviewer mentioned, offer deductibles per year rather than per incident, but I would be careful with those companies as their per incident limits are usually quite low in comparison. Other insurances rarely have such high per incident limits, which is really most important. Pets Best make it so easy for me to get reimbursed because they cover almost everything unlike other insurances who have a schedule of benefits with strict limits.

My only desire for the pet insurance industry in general is to have a program for people who do not always have the money up-front to pay thousands of dollars for a major illness.....we are stuck if you don't have any more credit.

Thanks Pets Best for being there.

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