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Nine years ago our golden retriever developed spindle cell carcinoma (cancer)at the time we did not have pet insurance. We were fortunate to get into a research program and the treatment (6 weeks of radiation plus thermal treatments) only cost us $300. So after his death and we got another golden, we signed up for VPI insurance the superior plan and a cancer rider. Molly is now 8 years old and last year during her annual check up (in November)the vet tech discovered a lump on her throat. VPI paid for the needle biopsy and then the surgery for removal of half of her thyroid, her 5 weeks of chemo and follow up chest x-rays since her oncologist said that if the cancer came back it would probably come back in her lungs. I had hoped to never need the cancer rider but am glad we have it. Like some of the reviews I have had no problem with the claim forms and reimbursement, the claim we put in for her surgery VPI came back wanting more information, so we supplied that. VPI has worked for us.

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