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We acquired our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel this spring as a rescue after losing 2 of our big dogs...It had been years since we`d had a purebred dog and we had never had dog insurance...As we learned more about the breed and its potential health problems I decided insurance might be smart...Not long after we`d insured Charlotte she started having seizures and Pet Plan`s reimbursement on the drugs and blood work couldn`t be better...As a nurse,I spent hours researching the various health insurances available for pets and finally decided Pet Plan looked the best,especially since it covered congenital and other problems that other companies didn`t.It also covers for life,as long as insurance doesn`t lapse and some companies don`t.All around,it seemed the best and the testimonials were positive...The people have been personable and I can`t say enough good about it...

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