62% premium increase with zero claims isn't fair!

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I've had Embrace for a year on my 2 Goldens, ages 6 and 7. I didn't have a single claim, yet in my renewal e-mail a few days ago, I was told that my premium was going up by 62% when my policies renew in a few weeks!!
I called the company thinking perhaps there was a mistake, but I was told that the e-mail was correct, and that the increase was due to my dogs getting older. What?? Of course dogs get a year older every year!!??

The representative I spoke with was very nice, and apologized for the situation, but said there was nothing that could be done. She said the huge increase was because my dogs were each hitting the age where there was the biggest premium jump across the board, per their underwriters...

How can any company justify raising premiums 62% in just one policy year!? All I can guess is that they're actually trying to force clients to leave as their dogs get older. Apparently they're happy to take premiums from young healthy pets, but then they'll turn around and force you out as your pets get older. They told me I could take it up with their underwriters - but since that's Lloyd's of London, I doubt I'll get very far. That's why I'm now looking for a new company...

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Posted: 10/09/2011

Thank you for posting your review. Embrace was on my "short list" of insurers to consider but have now been eliminated. To raise a premium 62% in one year is unconscionable.