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I have had VPI Pet Insurance not for 3 years, and have never had any trouble with them. They have paid claims on time, and I have not seen any 'underpayment'. All payments were made according to their fee schdule as was given to me before I joined the plan. Many times, my vet charges below what they allow. My dog had a foot disorder and VPI paid on that just fine. The total bill was approx $300, I was reimburst approx $200. One note to mention, the second year I had VPI on my dogs, I was afraid the rates would go up, I called their customer support line and the customer service agent actually found a was to make my plan cheaper. All of the problems I have read with VPI seem to be all new or fairly new people to the insurance. VPI does have a 15 day waiting period and does want your pet to get a check up or see vet records before they issue insurance. For the money VPI is better than any insurance I have seen, and I compaired them with petsmart, ASPCA ect..

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