I am really glad I have VPI Pet Insurance

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My Cocker Spaniel is seven years old and I have had a VPI policy on her for about four of those years. After about three years I started wondering why I had the policy because my dog was in fairly good health. This past year my policy has more then paid for itself twice over. My dog had to have surgery on her left knee back in February, at a cost of roughly $1500. When that knee got better, she blew out her right knee and also had to have the same surgery at a cost of $1500. Both times I submitted the forms and receipts to VPI and without question was reimbursed at 90%, with no questions asked. I am really glad I have VPI Pet Insurance. It made my decision to take care of my pet in these difficult economic times a whole lot easier.

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Posted: 10/08/2009

They paid 90%? Are you from VPI? Even if paid, VPI stated in their policy that they will only cover 80%!